Sorry I didn’t post Friday like I should according to my schedule.(Tuesday are poems, wacky post Wednesday,and fun post Friday.)I was SUPER busy. I went to the zoo, which was about 2 hours away, so that took about 6 hours.At the zoo, we saw…

  • Flamingo🦩
  • Rhino🦏
  • Lion🦁
  • Polar Bear
  • Grizzly Bear🐻
  • Tortoise!🐢
  • Seal
  • Badger🦡
  • Alligator🐊(that’s a crocodile, but you get the point)

Once we got home, we ate dinner. Then, we went to the demolition derby, which was SUPER loud.🏎

But enough about me. I want to mention a give-a-way.

Emmie is having a giveaway! She got some AMAZING scrunchies from Natalie. Check out her Etsy shop

Natalie’s Shop

Her shop is called TwoFiftyScrunchies. She has AMAZING scrunchies, so make sure to check them out! Here’s a picture of my favorite ones from her shop!


12 thoughts on “Friday”

    1. No problem! I hope I win!😀I keep doing more things to enter and having to re-enter.(Sorry about that)
      P.S in the hair tutorial, did you get the tank top from Old Navy? I have one just like it.😊

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  1. Demolition Derby? 😃you love it?

    I would love to physical go to one someday. I only watch them on TV.

    😂😂I’ve never seen a Rhino

    But I once saw a 101 years old Tortoise 😂😂

    I’m glad you enjoyed yourself 🤗🤗

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