Collaborating with Brands-Tips from a Small Biz Owner

Hi everyone! In today’s post, I’ll be giving tips on how to collaborate with brands., Just so you know this advice is mostly for instagrammers (?) but feel free to collab as a blogger!

*Sorry I know a lot of posts about small business related things, let me know if you like that. Also, I wrote this in one sitting, so sorry if I made any mistakes 🙂 *

So lots of micro influencers have been reaching out to my brand, Chaudeande and I thought I would give some advice.

1. Have Content

Before you reach out to a brand claiming you are a mini influencer, build an engaged following and maybe share some videos or pictures of products from businesses similar to businesses you want to collaborate with.

2. Interact

Before you reach out to a brand, follow them and interact with some of their posts. Like a post or two, then leave a genuine comment. You could say “I love the color! What a great design!” or ” This is so cute! I love your feed!”. Brands like will notice you and like that a lot more than a simple “🤩”.

3. Personalize the Message

When reaching out to brands, don’t copy and paste the same message. In the message you send asking to collaborating, you could mention

  • Products you like
  • Why you want to collab
  • How the brand can benefit
  • Some info on your audience

Example: Hi! My name is Chloe and I was wondering if Pura Vida Bracelets collaborates with mini influencers? I have 11k Instagram followers, 84% thirteen to nineteen year olds. I love the Pura Vida brand message and have happily purchased many times. I absolutely love the original bracelet in white and the daisy studs. Thank you for your consideration, Chloe

4. Be Willing to Purchase

If you are going to reach out to a business, promote their products, and convince other people to purchase, it would only make sense if you yourself have purchased and have products from that brand. This will show the business that you are commited.

5. Accept any answer

Here’s what to do if…

They don’t reply: Kindly follow up

They say no: Tell them thank you for the consideration and move on. Don’t call them names or bug them, especially if it is a small business. Small business owners have a lot of work to do when running a business. They don’t have time to explain why the aren’t looking for ambassadors.

Ask you to fill out a form or email: Do so immediately and stay excited about collaborating.

6. Promote, Promote, Promote!

If you do end up collaborating with with a business, go above and beyond and constantly promote their products! Be very passionate. Brands really appreciate this and it shows your audience that this is not a basic collaboration.

Types of Collaborating

The Basic Collab: A brand sends you a product or two, and you post about it on your feed and maybe your story. They may get a code to share with friends, family, and followers that will last a day, week, or month.

An Ambassador: An ambassador will take pictures every month, or more often for typically 3 months, but it can last longer. Ambassadors should be very passionate about the brand. They will have a code that will last the whole time they are an ambassador, maybe longer.

A Model: Similar to an ambassador, a model will take pictures of them using the product or holding it. If you want to be a model for a brand, you should probably be comfortable sharing pictures of your face because that is likely what brands expect from a model. They may not get a code or be expected to post on their feed featuring the businesses products.

That’s all for today’s post! Let me know if you have any questions, because I would be happy to help. Also, let me know if you want to see me collaborate with brands, or discuss more about my small business, Chaudeande.


9 Things I Love from Small Businesses

Hi everyone! In today’s post, I’ll be mentioning 9 things I love from small businesses.

This is not a sponsored post/collaboration/affiliate post.

An Hourly Planner

I’ve mentioned this planner before, but it is just so cute and useful! I usually plan my day the night before because it gets me excited and prevents me from being bored because I’ll always have something to do written on a aesthetically pleasing notepad.

Cute Summer Tees

Pastel shirts with places on them are better than anything! I don’t know what it is but I love the Glo’s brand!

A Sage Star Phone Case

I love how this phone case is simple but has sage green (my favorite color💚) and stars, which is probably the cutest shape!

These Stickers

These stickers from Rylee’s Stickers have such positive vibes and colors are bright. I just love looking at them.

Focus on the Good Hoodie

I absolutely love all of the items from acs aesthetic. This brand is my favorite and I can’t wait to get something from the upcoming launch on June 14th!

Multicolored Wax String Bracelet

This bracelet has such summery colors and I love the style! It’s also such a good price.

Seed Beed Bracelets

The bracelets from COCU are so cute! I love their Instagram feed.

Cotton Candy Keychain

Just thought I’d throw in my favorite keychain from my shop Chaudeande.

Let’s Go Sunset Chasing Tote

This tote is so cute! I don’t really go sunset chasing because the sunsets are not that great here, but the pictures have the best lighting.🌆

That’s all for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed reading 🙂


How I Create Color Schemes For My Small Business’s Products

Hi everyone! In today’s post, I’ll be writing about how I choose the color schemes for my small business’s products.

So my small business is called Chaudeande (but I’ve been thinking about changing the name) and I sell macrame rainbow keychains and twine ornaments. I’m launching the collection featured in this post called After the Rain.

The first rainbow is called Hibiscus Storm and it has a cute combination of coral, confetti, and teal!

I was inspired to make this rainbow because I had seen this picture on Pinterest and I switched from the green in the leaves to teal looks nicer and I figured it would be more rain/ storm like.

The next rainbow is called Bold Sunset with bright, primary colors

For this rainbow keychain, I made it first then came up with the name. I figured I would name it something with a sunset because of the yellow and pink, and who doesn’t love sunsets?

The last rainbow is called Sunny Days Ahead, with some happie colors such as coral and yellow!

I was scrolling on Pinterest looking at inspirational quotes and saw one with pink, white, yellow, and a positive theme. I knew it would be perfect for the collection because rainbows mean the rain is over (after the rain) and it’ll be sunny. I feel like the sun represents happiness🌞

The After the Rain Collection will be launching on June 3rd, so mark your calendar!

That’s all for today’s post!


A Little Life Update-An achievement, summer, and post ideas!

Hi! So today’s post was going to be about color schemes and stuffff🤙(very surfer lingo-perfect for summer because everyone’s going to the beach🏄‍♀️) but then when I came to WordPress, i check my notifications, and see this

This is actually from May 16th

Like what? Okay!🤯So I just kneww I had to post about this amAzing achievement.

Two years of blogging has taught lots about knowing what you are really passionate about. When I first started, I posted poems, and as fun as it was in the beginning I soon became rhymeless and unmotivated. It was difficult to find themes.

Below is my first logo and my current logo (a little uncentered, but oh well)


So I had just ended school today, and I plan to post weekly!(I actually posted about my summer bucket list, find it here) I hadn’t posted in 2 weeks or so because the end of the school year is a little stressful and I got busy. Anyways, I will likely be writing a post throughout the week and then posting on Saturday. I feel like I have more motivation on Saturdays, especially in the morning.

just a cool picture of a vehicle I no longer recognize

I was wondering if you have any ideas on posts? All I can think of is how i come up with color schemes on my macrame rainbows, but I feel like I talk about my small business a little too much… (do I?)

That’s all for today’s post!


My 2022 Summer Bucket List

Hi everyone! In today’s post, I’m going to share 20 things I want to do this summer!

  1. Have a bonfire

We have a bonfire every summer, so it’s a tradition. I can’t wait to make smores!

2. Make friendship bracelets

I haven’t made friendship bracelets in a while because I don’t have the patience. I would love to make some like these!

3.Have a Picnic

Picnics like this are so cute and I thought it would be perfect for summer!

4. Go roller-skating

I’ve only been roller-skating a few times so I would love to get better at it. I’ve been thinking about buying some skates this summer

5. Celebrate Christmas in July

I even made this cute collage!

Celebrating Christmas in July would be so fun. I think it would be cool to buy a bunch of things online and open them all on the same day. I would probably do this on July 25th so don’t be surprised if I post about it…

6. Make a Smoothie Bowl

Pictures of smoothie bowls are so so cute! They always look so delicious!

7. Decorate my room with pictures

Something like this where my wall is like a Pinterest board would be so cute! I would love picking out all of the pictures!

8. Play beach volleyball

another collage 🙂

I absolutely love volleyball and it would be so fun to play at the beach!

9. Go to a baseball game

Going to a baseball game is another summer tradition. Tbh concessions stands are my favorite part!

10. Build a fort

It’s been so long since I built a fort. They are so cute and would be a great photo op.

11. Have a spa day

I would love to have a day where I just take a bath and use a face mask!

12. Visit a flower field

Flower fields are soooo cute, and I’ve never been to one. Not only are they another great photo op, but I could have a picnic there (two in one!).

13. Have a photoshoot

collage number three…

An all day photoshoot would be amazing!! I would love going around town and taking pictures any and everywhere!

14. Paint

This is a very simple one but definitely fun. I’ve actually made the one with the birds before.

15. Bake a cake

A simple cake like this would be very entertaining, especially if I made it from scratch!

16. Make macrame rainbow earrings

I already make macrame rainbow keychains and twine ornaments so all I would have to buy is the earrings. This is probably my favorite thing on my summer bucket list because not only would it be soooo enjoyable, but I need more earrings. I would love to put some like these in my shop!

17. Go bowling

I haven’t been bowling in so long, so it would be great!

18. Shopping spree

Shopping sprees are not just for summer, but they are definitely a lot more fun!

19. Make bath bombs

For my friend’s birthday, we went to Buff City Soaps and made bath bombs. It would be the best summer boredom buster!

20. Start a scrapbook

I tried starting a scrapbook a couple of summers ago, but all I did was buy the book. A scrapbook like this would be so cute and a great activity when hanging out with my friends!

Okay, that’s all for today’s post!


Three Healthy Habits That I Started This Spring 2022

Hi everyone! In today’s post, I’ll be writing about healthy lifestyle habits I started this spring.

  1. Keeping Active

The first hobby I’ve been trying is to be active and exercise every day for 45 minutes. I’m sure you’re thinking one of two things, that I’m supposed to be exercising for at least an hour, or that exercising every day is unrealistic and difficult.

Yes, you are supposed to for at least an hour, but before I set this goal, I rarely did any physical activity. I would only go outside if it was really nice, and the only thing I did inside that was close to exercising was the occasional weight lifting.

As for the unrealistic and difficult, yes I have been struggling with exercising every day. Some days I feel lazy, often times due to gloomy weather, and I think “I can skip today”. Exercising is not as bad as it seems. One of the ways I’ve been keeping active is to go on the running bike we have. The first time I did, I would count every minute and I thought it took forever for the twenty minute program, but now I think it’s easy to go on the bike and use the twenty minute program.

2. Writing 3 Things I’m Grateful For

I started to do this every night after bed because it supposedly makes you happier, and it definitely did. Pointing out the little things made me realize that I had a better day than I thought. Even small moments, like having a smoothie or remembering to post on my blog would be in my list.

I also started doing this because I found this old journal that I used to write gratitude in 4 years ago, and it seem like fun. Vague, I know.

3. Planning my Day

The third habit I’ve made is to plan my day out. I think it’s kind of nice to know what to do and have a schedule so I don’t waste hours watching tv or making rainbows and getting burned out. This way, I know what to do and when to do it, instead of having a mental to do list, which is not reliable.

I mostly do this on the weekends only but I made a schedule for the typical school day, too. I use this daily planner from All Things Lilly Ann, a small business I love. I got it around Christmas, but it’s currently sold out. I love the colors, even though it’s not really my aesthetic, and it’s just the perfect background in pictures. Below is a few of the hundreds of pictures where you can spot me using the notepad.

Anyways that’s all for today’s post. These are all the habits I’ve started and definitely plan to continue in summer!


My Niche Journey

Hi everyone! How are y’all? I’ve been doing pretty good. In today’s post, I’ll be writing about my small business, some hobbies I’ve been trying, lifestyle habits I’m attempting to make, and some miscellaneous things.(I ran out of time)

Lately, I’ve been focused on my business. I think I’ve found my niche. When I first started, I sold stickers, then started trying scrunchies, did a little with friendship bracelets. From there I did a lot of wax string bracelets, you know, like Pura Vida Bracelets. I really enjoyed those and made them for 4 months or so until I got burned out. By this point, I was selling scrunchies, stickers, friendship bracelets, and wax string bracelets. Being that these items aren’t related, I considered my business and my niche a boutique. After that, I made summery (it was summer) seed bead necklaces until autumn came. I tried making friendship bracelets again, but like wax string bracelets, I got burned out. To be fair, these bracelets took a long time to make, and I am not very patient.

That’s when I started my current niche, macrame rainbows. My favorite small business, Happie Camper Shop had announced that she was going to close her shop on December 1st of that year (2021). I thought her rainbow keychains were SOO CUTE, but I couldn’t afford any more DIY kits because while one is a deal, any more than three is just like, “Oh I’ll buy my own macrame and keychains because I already have some yarn”. Well. Well. Well. When I got the macrame and keychains, I went crazy. I made 10 or so until realizing… they were not that appealing. I’ll include a reel from Instagram now

Anyways, after realizing I wasn’t satisfied with the rainbows, I got some new yarn and made this collection called the Peaceful Nature Collection (I had absolutely NO IDEA what to name it)

After about a month, I had tried almost every decent color combination, so I got a pack of super small balls of yarn and used those. I had also realized that my rainbows were REALLY small, so I made one I later called “Oversized”. I named it that because of oversized tees, you know? Well, this is what it looked like.

This is about the end of my journey to my niche and products and whatever story I was telling.

Here’s some pictures I’m really proud of from my Instagram

Oh! Yeah, I forgot to mention that I started to get some ambassadors because I am not good at taking photos that are lifestyle-y, where it’s not just my products.

Anyways, that’s all for today’s post.


I’m back!

Hey everyone! I’m finally back. It’s a long story, for another day, when it’s summer and the sun goes down at 8 instead of 6.

Lots has happened since I’ve last posted. It’s been a year or so. Give me a second I’m looking. Okay it’s 287 days.

So far, I have entered 7th grade, played lots of volleyball, jumped in leaves, stuffed my face during a thankful time, and yeah that’s about it.

I’ve been pondering about making a logo type thing for my profile picture and I’ve got a few ideas. Let me know what you think!

That’s all for this week’s post! Bye!

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A Year of Capablechloe1 !

Hello readers! I’m am SO VERY sorry that I haven’t posted in who knows how long, but life is ever so busy. I’ve been reading the classic Little Women by Louisa May Alcott for the first time and I admire the writing style.

Etsy Shop Update

Lately, I’ve been taking better pictures for my Etsy shop, Chaudeande. I’ll show a few.

Not only have I been taking better pictures, but I might change my logo. I don’t want to change it to often, in fact I think after this I won’t change it. But here’s the logo I might change it to:

Ok I just changed the logo, and here’s what my Etsy now looks like.

I changed the background because I realized the old background was the same color as one of the flower colors. Here’s a close up.

I am so glad I change it because the old one didn’t really match the aesthetic I wanted. The new one has different colors, but the same font, so I’m not changing EVERYTHING.

You can check out my Etsy Shop, Chaudeande here!

Celebrating a Year of Capablechloe1

I originally wrote this post as a May 2021 post, and I was going to share one of my first poems, but then I found my first post! It was posted on May 17, 2020. It has been a year now, and a lot has changed in my life and on my blog. I thought I would share my first ever post.

Welcome to my blog. This is where I’ll express my thoughts and feelings about the world around me.
My name is Chloe. I turned 11 in February. I have 4 siblings, who tend to drive me crazy. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am also learning French on Duolingo . I am doing this blog because I think it will be a fun experience.

Can’t wait, Chloe🙂

I am now 12, I still have 4 siblings (luckily) and I am still learning French on Duolingo. I have actually passed a year streak.

I have over 75 posts now, and 30 lost drafts. They have been abandoned but maybe I’ll use some of the content. Some day…

If it wasn’t for Vincent Ehindero, I might not have ever had any of my blogger friends. He nominated me for my first blogger award nomination, and he posted about me on his blog. He helped my double my followers when I first started, and I am forever grateful. Thanks again Vincent!

To finish off my-yay!- blog celebration, I thought I would add a poem. Here is the first poem I ever posted:

the sun is shining
so I am shining with it
green grass I lay with

A blow from the wind
My hair swaying in the breeze
It’s been a rough day

zooms by is a car
from home I am very far
a moment to breathe

the world is busy
don’t need you going crazy
remember to rest

Well, thanks for reading my blog, and I hope to see you back again!