How I Create Color Schemes For My Small Business’s Products

Hi everyone! In today’s post, I’ll be writing about how I choose the color schemes for my small business’s products.

So my small business is called Chaudeande (but I’ve been thinking about changing the name) and I sell macrame rainbow keychains and twine ornaments. I’m launching the collection featured in this post called After the Rain.

The first rainbow is called Hibiscus Storm and it has a cute combination of coral, confetti, and teal!

I was inspired to make this rainbow because I had seen this picture on Pinterest and I switched from the green in the leaves to teal looks nicer and I figured it would be more rain/ storm like.

The next rainbow is called Bold Sunset with bright, primary colors

For this rainbow keychain, I made it first then came up with the name. I figured I would name it something with a sunset because of the yellow and pink, and who doesn’t love sunsets?

The last rainbow is called Sunny Days Ahead, with some happie colors such as coral and yellow!

I was scrolling on Pinterest looking at inspirational quotes and saw one with pink, white, yellow, and a positive theme. I knew it would be perfect for the collection because rainbows mean the rain is over (after the rain) and it’ll be sunny. I feel like the sun represents happiness🌞

The After the Rain Collection will be launching on June 3rd, so mark your calendar!

That’s all for today’s post!


My Niche Journey

Hi everyone! How are y’all? I’ve been doing pretty good. In today’s post, I’ll be writing about my small business, some hobbies I’ve been trying, lifestyle habits I’m attempting to make, and some miscellaneous things.(I ran out of time)

Lately, I’ve been focused on my business. I think I’ve found my niche. When I first started, I sold stickers, then started trying scrunchies, did a little with friendship bracelets. From there I did a lot of wax string bracelets, you know, like Pura Vida Bracelets. I really enjoyed those and made them for 4 months or so until I got burned out. By this point, I was selling scrunchies, stickers, friendship bracelets, and wax string bracelets. Being that these items aren’t related, I considered my business and my niche a boutique. After that, I made summery (it was summer) seed bead necklaces until autumn came. I tried making friendship bracelets again, but like wax string bracelets, I got burned out. To be fair, these bracelets took a long time to make, and I am not very patient.

That’s when I started my current niche, macrame rainbows. My favorite small business, Happie Camper Shop had announced that she was going to close her shop on December 1st of that year (2021). I thought her rainbow keychains were SOO CUTE, but I couldn’t afford any more DIY kits because while one is a deal, any more than three is just like, “Oh I’ll buy my own macrame and keychains because I already have some yarn”. Well. Well. Well. When I got the macrame and keychains, I went crazy. I made 10 or so until realizing… they were not that appealing. I’ll include a reel from Instagram now

Anyways, after realizing I wasn’t satisfied with the rainbows, I got some new yarn and made this collection called the Peaceful Nature Collection (I had absolutely NO IDEA what to name it)

After about a month, I had tried almost every decent color combination, so I got a pack of super small balls of yarn and used those. I had also realized that my rainbows were REALLY small, so I made one I later called “Oversized”. I named it that because of oversized tees, you know? Well, this is what it looked like.

This is about the end of my journey to my niche and products and whatever story I was telling.

Here’s some pictures I’m really proud of from my Instagram

Oh! Yeah, I forgot to mention that I started to get some ambassadors because I am not good at taking photos that are lifestyle-y, where it’s not just my products.

Anyways, that’s all for today’s post.


My Etsy Shop!

Ok, so it’s been a while now that I’ve been thinking of starting a business, and I finally did! My shop name is called Chaudeande. It means…






Here’s the link for easy access:

Additional Information

-I have a coupon of NEWSHOP for 15% off until November 17th!

-I’m getting a new sticker soon!

-I have a business Pintrest account HERE.

-I have a business email:

(Just so you know, my next post will be the giveaway winner, then 2 poems!)