Three Healthy Habits That I Started This Spring 2022

Hi everyone! In today’s post, I’ll be writing about healthy lifestyle habits I started this spring.

  1. Keeping Active

The first hobby I’ve been trying is to be active and exercise every day for 45 minutes. I’m sure you’re thinking one of two things, that I’m supposed to be exercising for at least an hour, or that exercising every day is unrealistic and difficult.

Yes, you are supposed to for at least an hour, but before I set this goal, I rarely did any physical activity. I would only go outside if it was really nice, and the only thing I did inside that was close to exercising was the occasional weight lifting.

As for the unrealistic and difficult, yes I have been struggling with exercising every day. Some days I feel lazy, often times due to gloomy weather, and I think “I can skip today”. Exercising is not as bad as it seems. One of the ways I’ve been keeping active is to go on the running bike we have. The first time I did, I would count every minute and I thought it took forever for the twenty minute program, but now I think it’s easy to go on the bike and use the twenty minute program.

2. Writing 3 Things I’m Grateful For

I started to do this every night after bed because it supposedly makes you happier, and it definitely did. Pointing out the little things made me realize that I had a better day than I thought. Even small moments, like having a smoothie or remembering to post on my blog would be in my list.

I also started doing this because I found this old journal that I used to write gratitude in 4 years ago, and it seem like fun. Vague, I know.

3. Planning my Day

The third habit I’ve made is to plan my day out. I think it’s kind of nice to know what to do and have a schedule so I don’t waste hours watching tv or making rainbows and getting burned out. This way, I know what to do and when to do it, instead of having a mental to do list, which is not reliable.

I mostly do this on the weekends only but I made a schedule for the typical school day, too. I use this daily planner from All Things Lilly Ann, a small business I love. I got it around Christmas, but it’s currently sold out. I love the colors, even though it’s not really my aesthetic, and it’s just the perfect background in pictures. Below is a few of the hundreds of pictures where you can spot me using the notepad.

Anyways that’s all for today’s post. These are all the habits I’ve started and definitely plan to continue in summer!