Bleached Water

clouds slowly float byfluffy white little dropletssit here, watch with me so fluffy, so purewondering how they would tastesadly, just water slight breeze, blazing sunlaying in prickly green grasshurts, but i don’t care nature is stunningall of it is marvelousa wonderful world cumulus and stratusso many different kindsmillion of tons of water life is so… Continue reading Bleached Water

Care for our Planet

walking through naturein an alluring neighborhood .hope to find myself see water meet sandsun rising ,people awakethey’re looking outside they’re looking at mewhat am I doing ? wellconnecting to me drizzles start droppingmother nature is cryingand it’s not at me everyone litersbut it’s just killing the earthi want it to stop i start to cleanse… Continue reading Care for our Planet

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