Farewell Autumn

leaves, branches, separate
the temperature is falling
flurries following

stricken and aghast because
summer’s sweet comforting warmth
vanishing of site

cold weather seeping
winter slipping out of hand
unable to control,

yet we still try to
what fools we are for trying
to control weather

autumn will escape
yet it didn’t really come
so we say goodbye

but we don’t have to
not over till it’s over
till December 21st

P.S You don’t know HOW LONG that took. So, you see the image twice.



enjoying each page
in a enjoyable book
fantastic feeling

romance, mystery
fiction, horror, history
graphic novels and fantasy

audio or E
or maybe just plain paper
books are great to read

destress and relax
educate or fall asleep
so many reasons

to open a book
learn more and expand knowledge
how could you not read?

so go and do it
to your local library
get a card today!

you will not regret
all that books can do for you
and your perspective

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See the source image
See the source image

A Monster in the House

Lately, I haven’t been writing the best poems, so I worked really hard on this one.

This is based on a true story.

one step at a time
up stairs together we go
my hands are shaking

heart thumping crazy
scared is no reason not to
walk down the hallway

we glance at eachother
are we sure we should do this?
there’s no going back

every step we walk,
closer to death we become
one last, final turn

there we are, front door
hesitating, we conclude
at it’s habitat

we lift our hands up
and we knock, then knock, then knock
“WHAT?!” she shrieks at us

“do you” then i pause
“want to play volleyball?” gulp
“NO!” she screams to us

what could’ve been bonding,
is turned down by our sister
she is a monster

What’s the difference?

What to Eat?

from the deep fryer
comes a skinny potato
a k a French fry

don’t swallow the seed
or grow a watermelon
inside your stomach

crunchy shell breaking
tacos shells are such a pain
but I can’t resist

chilling summer treat
is so enjoying to eat
but not the brain freeze

it looks so bland, but
some blueberries and it’s wonderful
i love creamy oats

undecided, i am
there is so many choices
curse you darn buffet !

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What Happens at Night

Every night, I’m counting sheep,

Trying to fall asleep.

To my bed, I go to lay,

After the exhausting day.

I throw myself on the bed,

Put the pillow under my head.

Soon I’ll be in a dream,

Running for my life, in a nightmare,

I want to scream.

They’ll find me, I wouldn’t dare.

Awake,I becaome,

To see I’m sucking my thumb.

At the crack of dawn,

I sit there, and yawn.



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diving in water
is a different planet
withholding my breath

i’m trying to float
but I cannot am unable
gasping for air

four billion people
cease to not know how to swim
i am joining them

for i am also
and i am ashamed of it
but nobody knows

and that’s the reason
i never go near water
i am petrified