Collaborating with Brands-Tips from a Small Biz Owner

Hi everyone! In today’s post, I’ll be giving tips on how to collaborate with brands., Just so you know this advice is mostly for instagrammers (?) but feel free to collab as a blogger!

*Sorry I know a lot of posts about small business related things, let me know if you like that. Also, I wrote this in one sitting, so sorry if I made any mistakes 🙂 *

So lots of micro influencers have been reaching out to my brand, Chaudeande and I thought I would give some advice.

1. Have Content

Before you reach out to a brand claiming you are a mini influencer, build an engaged following and maybe share some videos or pictures of products from businesses similar to businesses you want to collaborate with.

2. Interact

Before you reach out to a brand, follow them and interact with some of their posts. Like a post or two, then leave a genuine comment. You could say “I love the color! What a great design!” or ” This is so cute! I love your feed!”. Brands like will notice you and like that a lot more than a simple “🤩”.

3. Personalize the Message

When reaching out to brands, don’t copy and paste the same message. In the message you send asking to collaborating, you could mention

  • Products you like
  • Why you want to collab
  • How the brand can benefit
  • Some info on your audience

Example: Hi! My name is Chloe and I was wondering if Pura Vida Bracelets collaborates with mini influencers? I have 11k Instagram followers, 84% thirteen to nineteen year olds. I love the Pura Vida brand message and have happily purchased many times. I absolutely love the original bracelet in white and the daisy studs. Thank you for your consideration, Chloe

4. Be Willing to Purchase

If you are going to reach out to a business, promote their products, and convince other people to purchase, it would only make sense if you yourself have purchased and have products from that brand. This will show the business that you are commited.

5. Accept any answer

Here’s what to do if…

They don’t reply: Kindly follow up

They say no: Tell them thank you for the consideration and move on. Don’t call them names or bug them, especially if it is a small business. Small business owners have a lot of work to do when running a business. They don’t have time to explain why the aren’t looking for ambassadors.

Ask you to fill out a form or email: Do so immediately and stay excited about collaborating.

6. Promote, Promote, Promote!

If you do end up collaborating with with a business, go above and beyond and constantly promote their products! Be very passionate. Brands really appreciate this and it shows your audience that this is not a basic collaboration.

Types of Collaborating

The Basic Collab: A brand sends you a product or two, and you post about it on your feed and maybe your story. They may get a code to share with friends, family, and followers that will last a day, week, or month.

An Ambassador: An ambassador will take pictures every month, or more often for typically 3 months, but it can last longer. Ambassadors should be very passionate about the brand. They will have a code that will last the whole time they are an ambassador, maybe longer.

A Model: Similar to an ambassador, a model will take pictures of them using the product or holding it. If you want to be a model for a brand, you should probably be comfortable sharing pictures of your face because that is likely what brands expect from a model. They may not get a code or be expected to post on their feed featuring the businesses products.

That’s all for today’s post! Let me know if you have any questions, because I would be happy to help. Also, let me know if you want to see me collaborate with brands, or discuss more about my small business, Chaudeande.

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