A Year of Capablechloe1 !

Hello readers! I’m am SO VERY sorry that I haven’t posted in who knows how long, but life is ever so busy. I’ve been reading the classic Little Women by Louisa May Alcott for the first time and I admire the writing style. Etsy Shop Update Lately, I’ve been taking better pictures for my Etsy… Continue reading A Year of Capablechloe1 !


It’s my special day! I’m so happy right now. Have you heard this new song? It’s one of my favorites right now. Here’s some things I’ve gotten… I’m gonna continue later but i wanted to post

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Hey everyone I’m so sorry but I’ve been thinking and I’m going to switch to writing monthly posts,so they can be of better quality and because it can be exhausting. Also, apologies to my email list. I’m working on it. Thank you! -Chloe😀

My Blog Struggles 2

I first posted about my struggles back in June.(First Blog Struggles Post).This is the second My Blog Struggles post, because I’m STRUGGLING. It’s no longer summer or quarantine and I’m having a hard time writing posts. I’ve missed it. It was so easy to write a post because all I had was free time. I’m… Continue reading My Blog Struggles 2

Email List “Fun”& Stats

Please welcome… The newest member of my email list. 🙄Delete. Now, some good news. My posts completely boosted my stats! Also, I’m trying to catch up with awards, but it’s hard. I’m really trying. Rae Longest says “I, Ms. Rae, am very busy with grading mid-term papers (six pages each, 24 papers) and have not… Continue reading Email List “Fun”& Stats

Farewell Autumn

leaves, branches, separatethe temperature is fallingflurries following stricken and aghast becausesummer’s sweet comforting warmthvanishing of site cold weather seepingwinter slipping out of handunable to control, yet we still try towhat fools we are for tryingto control weather autumn will escapeyet it didn’t really comeso we say goodbye but we don’t have tonot over till it’s… Continue reading Farewell Autumn


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