Let’s Talk!

Hi! This is a page where we can talk! Like if you have a question, and want other people to be able to see the answer. Talk away!

11 thoughts on “Let’s Talk!”

  1. Talk about your life
    Do you have friends
    What do you like to do
    Can I call you Bowie
    It rhymes with Chloe
    What is your fav color
    Do you have pets

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  2. Just what I needed, a way to contact you. Please pass the word among your blogging friends that I, Ms. Rae, am very busy with grading mid-term papers (six pages each, 24 papers) and have not been visiting blogs for a while. I will be back to “normal” soon and will enjoy my younger friends once again. I don’t want you all to think I’ve lost interest.
    Pass the word.Thanks.

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