How I Create Color Schemes For My Small Business’s Products

Hi everyone! In today’s post, I’ll be writing about how I choose the color schemes for my small business’s products.

So my small business is called Chaudeande (but I’ve been thinking about changing the name) and I sell macrame rainbow keychains and twine ornaments. I’m launching the collection featured in this post called After the Rain.

The first rainbow is called Hibiscus Storm and it has a cute combination of coral, confetti, and teal!

I was inspired to make this rainbow because I had seen this picture on Pinterest and I switched from the green in the leaves to teal looks nicer and I figured it would be more rain/ storm like.

The next rainbow is called Bold Sunset with bright, primary colors

For this rainbow keychain, I made it first then came up with the name. I figured I would name it something with a sunset because of the yellow and pink, and who doesn’t love sunsets?

The last rainbow is called Sunny Days Ahead, with some happie colors such as coral and yellow!

I was scrolling on Pinterest looking at inspirational quotes and saw one with pink, white, yellow, and a positive theme. I knew it would be perfect for the collection because rainbows mean the rain is over (after the rain) and it’ll be sunny. I feel like the sun represents happiness🌞

The After the Rain Collection will be launching on June 3rd, so mark your calendar!

That’s all for today’s post!