A Little Life Update-An achievement, summer, and post ideas!

Hi! So today’s post was going to be about color schemes and stuffff🤙(very surfer lingo-perfect for summer because everyone’s going to the beach🏄‍♀️) but then when I came to WordPress, i check my notifications, and see this

This is actually from May 16th

Like what? Okay!🤯So I just kneww I had to post about this amAzing achievement.

Two years of blogging has taught lots about knowing what you are really passionate about. When I first started, I posted poems, and as fun as it was in the beginning I soon became rhymeless and unmotivated. It was difficult to find themes.

Below is my first logo and my current logo (a little uncentered, but oh well)


So I had just ended school today, and I plan to post weekly!(I actually posted about my summer bucket list, find it here) I hadn’t posted in 2 weeks or so because the end of the school year is a little stressful and I got busy. Anyways, I will likely be writing a post throughout the week and then posting on Saturday. I feel like I have more motivation on Saturdays, especially in the morning.

just a cool picture of a vehicle I no longer recognize

I was wondering if you have any ideas on posts? All I can think of is how i come up with color schemes on my macrame rainbows, but I feel like I talk about my small business a little too much… (do I?)

That’s all for today’s post!