My 2022 Summer Bucket List

Hi everyone! In today’s post, I’m going to share 20 things I want to do this summer!

  1. Have a bonfire

We have a bonfire every summer, so it’s a tradition. I can’t wait to make smores!

2. Make friendship bracelets

I haven’t made friendship bracelets in a while because I don’t have the patience. I would love to make some like these!

3.Have a Picnic

Picnics like this are so cute and I thought it would be perfect for summer!

4. Go roller-skating

I’ve only been roller-skating a few times so I would love to get better at it. I’ve been thinking about buying some skates this summer

5. Celebrate Christmas in July

I even made this cute collage!

Celebrating Christmas in July would be so fun. I think it would be cool to buy a bunch of things online and open them all on the same day. I would probably do this on July 25th so don’t be surprised if I post about it…

6. Make a Smoothie Bowl

Pictures of smoothie bowls are so so cute! They always look so delicious!

7. Decorate my room with pictures

Something like this where my wall is like a Pinterest board would be so cute! I would love picking out all of the pictures!

8. Play beach volleyball

another collage 🙂

I absolutely love volleyball and it would be so fun to play at the beach!

9. Go to a baseball game

Going to a baseball game is another summer tradition. Tbh concessions stands are my favorite part!

10. Build a fort

It’s been so long since I built a fort. They are so cute and would be a great photo op.

11. Have a spa day

I would love to have a day where I just take a bath and use a face mask!

12. Visit a flower field

Flower fields are soooo cute, and I’ve never been to one. Not only are they another great photo op, but I could have a picnic there (two in one!).

13. Have a photoshoot

collage number three…

An all day photoshoot would be amazing!! I would love going around town and taking pictures any and everywhere!

14. Paint

This is a very simple one but definitely fun. I’ve actually made the one with the birds before.

15. Bake a cake

A simple cake like this would be very entertaining, especially if I made it from scratch!

16. Make macrame rainbow earrings

I already make macrame rainbow keychains and twine ornaments so all I would have to buy is the earrings. This is probably my favorite thing on my summer bucket list because not only would it be soooo enjoyable, but I need more earrings. I would love to put some like these in my shop!

17. Go bowling

I haven’t been bowling in so long, so it would be great!

18. Shopping spree

Shopping sprees are not just for summer, but they are definitely a lot more fun!

19. Make bath bombs

For my friend’s birthday, we went to Buff City Soaps and made bath bombs. It would be the best summer boredom buster!

20. Start a scrapbook

I tried starting a scrapbook a couple of summers ago, but all I did was buy the book. A scrapbook like this would be so cute and a great activity when hanging out with my friends!

Okay, that’s all for today’s post!


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